Upcoming Dates!

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March 7, 2014 Dover Public Library 7-8:30
March 12, 2014 Lewes Public Library

We connect with the past and to demonstrate the living tradition of Celtic (pronounced Kel’-tic) music.  Celtic music is as much a product of the movement of people away from Ireland and Scotland as it is the music within those two places.  Celtic Harvest is the creation of that emigration.  Five Americans with family roots in Ireland decided to join forces in 1996 (or 1997, depending on who you ask) to play tunes and songs that either originated in Ireland and Scotland or that were a product of the people who carried that tradition to the New World.   

Our music includes tunes (melodies without words) composed by fiddlers and whistle players and a blind harpist who played for the gentry of the great houses of 17th Century Ireland.  The songs come from all over the map--Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, Australia, and, yes, even America--written by pop stars, folk legends, anonymous balladeers and even some from our own band members.

Folk purists might object to including some of this contemporary material in a concert that is meant to celebrate Irish traditional culture. Celtic Harvest believes that the Irish spirit is best demonstrated by adaption to the times and place that they find themselves in. One song on our set list this season sums up that spirit. Stan Rogers sang: “I will take the Northwest Passage... to make a Northwest Passage to the sea.” For Celtic Harvest, this translates to "take from the tradition of Celtic music and follow that path to which ever destination it leads."